Breakfast – watermelon (I cut up a whole one on H&M’s request, I did not eat this entire tray). It was really good though and I ate so much that I didn’t need anything else for breakfast.

Mid morning Snack – plain Greek yoghurt with sweetener

Lunch – pitta with egg mayo and pickles (I love these pickles, they are weirdly sweet but sour at same time) and carrots. Taking the photos is really helpful because I’d forgotten I’d eaten the pickles.

Afternoon – tiny piece of biscuit H made at camp, 2 peanut butter cookies (not tiny), icing, watermelon, 5 chicken nuggets (picking at kids supper, I should have known I wouldn’t be able to resist chicken nuggets), banana
We (M, H, one of the neighbour’s kids and I) made these peanut butter cookies for H’s upcoming Upsherin. I had two un-iced and to be honest, tried the icing slightly more than was necessary to check it was good. It was good. Thanks Mary Berry for the best ever book! (More Fast Cakes, given to me in 1992)

Aren’t they pretty? Definitely not professionally decorated, but they are cute, and I can testify, tasty.

After all that afternoon snacking I had the last bowl of leek and potato soup from the other day for supper.

I then did day 2 of the Adore the Core challenge. 28 Criss crosses.

Despite the snacking, I don’t feel like I’m off track. Maybe I should feel guilty or something else terribly negative and be putting myself down. But I don’t. So there! 

I ate loads of healthy food, lots of watermelon, I didn’t eat any of the cookie dough, did some exercise, and looked after three children and kept them alive and fairly happy. I reckon that’s nothing to beat myself up over.