Before breakfast – Leslie Samsone 15 minute wake up and walk – arms

Tip from Leslie – the laundry and housework are not more important than you being healthy. Exercise first, do laundry second.

And believe me, that photo is my house, and was not difficult to pose! 6 people make a lot of laundry.

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk and plum

Snack – “Simcha’s Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Low Fat Mocha/Hot Chocolate”

Lunch – wholemeal pitta with two veggie burger, a bit of salad and a squirt of ketchup

Snack – air crackers

Snack (children’s supper time) – one potato boreka and one cheese one

Supper – Turkey keema. I remembered making this a while ago and loving it.

Turkey keema curry
Turkey keema curry