Hectic hectic day. M&H had an unscheduled day off school (with a week’s warning) due to drainage issues. We went to Flip Out Brent Cross in the morning and then my sister in the afternoon. Then there was stuff going on with R and school. Pretty serious stuff that I don’t want to put on the internet but my head is full to the brim right now with so many conflicting thoughts.

And in the midst I think about that letter I wrote, and how I (will have) prioritised myself even with a child with special needs. I’m not sure that that was true today though. But what good will it do him and his support needs to have a fat mother? Even so, I’m drained and I haven’t even started the real battle yet.

Breakfast – porridge with almond milk and 2 plums cinnamon sugar (very tiny amount, the plums were very tart!)

Lunch – tuna mayo and cucumber sandwich, carrots, small amount of banana

Snacks – air crackers

Really wanted junk. No junk to be found.

Evening grazing – spaghetti, 2 small cheese borekas, a small amount of caramel failed shortbread, vanilla yoghurt